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Monday 8 June 2020

Poem at Thirty-Nine by Alice Walker

Alice Walker

How i miss my father.

I wish he had not been
so tired
when i was

Writing deposit slips and checks
i think of him.
He taught me how.
This is the form,
he must have said:
the way it is done.
I learned to see
bits of paper
as a way
to escape
the life he knew
and even in high school
had a savings

He taught me
that telling the truth
did not always mean
a beating;
though many of my truths
must have grieved him
before the end.

How I miss my father!
He cooked like a person
in a yoga meditation
and craved the voluptuous
of good food.

Now I look and cook just like him:
my brain light;
tossing this and that
into the pot;
seasoning none of my life
the same way twice; happy to feed
whoever strays my way.

He would have grown
to admire
the women I've become:
cooking, writing, chopping wood,
staring into the fire.

from the collection Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful by Alice Walker

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